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  • Luke Clough

An EFFECTIVE approach to lose weight with Hypnotherapy….

For a while I have been figuring out how here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy we can use Hypnosis and NLP to help clients lose weight in the most effective long term manner and have recently designed an approach, that in my eyes, is a fantastic way to helping clients do just this.

Whereas diets such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World, and the Cambridge diets etc can no doubt help people lose WEIGHT quickly, they do not help assisting in losing FAT quickly. There is a lot of water and muscle tissue that’s gets broken down and used as energy during the diet duration. The other thing these diets do not do, is deal with the issues that lead to the over eating, whether its through boredom, stress, or comfort related issues.

So how are we different? Well to start with we do not look into simply restricting the foods that you eat, but we do look at changing what food means to you at the unconscious level so that you simply don’t desire it in the first place! Here is a testimonial form one of many clients who have started to change how they are:

“I have now lost just over 2 stone and am amazed at the change in my relationship with food, that the hypnotherapy sessions have brought me. I am 100% motivated to carry on and get to the point where I feel fitter and happier with myself. I don’t even feel disappointed if I have only achieved a 1lb loss over 2 weeks …I always accepted that it would have to slow down after a great start and I now realise now just how much even a 1lb loss is and the difference it makes. I couldn’t have got this far without the sessions I have had with you.”

So if you’ve ever thought about losing weight and wanted to do without a gimmcky approach such as the hypnoband, or without horrible diets preventing you from ever enjoying food, then feel free to contact us now and you too will be saying the exact same things as the person above!

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