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  • Luke Clough

Hypnotherapy and The Only Way is Essex!

I was flicking through the TV last night and stumbled across The Only Way is Essex (honestly, I wasn’t watching it I promise) and at the precise moment I flicked over they were just finishing a scene with one of the characters and a Hypnotherapist. What the issue was, and how long they showed I am not sure as I don’t know anything about the programme, but it was interesting  and pleasing to see a TV show as popular as this broadcasting and promoting Hypnotherapy.

Lots of TV shows are very influential upon society, and the reason why this and similar programmes are popular is that viewers can sometimes identify with the characters and the situations that they find themselves in. Therefore, If the viewers see that their favourite characters are undergoing Hypnotherapy to help deal with their issues, then hopefully they will start to believe that they too can be helped as they can relate to that individual or situation.

Maybe a character is undergoing a relationship issue, whether it’s a failing relationship, or maybe they found out the person they had feelings for didn’t reciprocate those feelings. This could have a huge knock on their self esteem and confidence levels, leading to instances of increased anxiety which can be let go of in only 2-3 sessions with Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

Or maybe it could be a jealousy issue where either they are finding it increasingly difficult to trust their partner, or maybe they are still being affected by past experiences with previous boyfriends/girlfriends and this is preventing them from moving forward in the new chapter of their life?

Whatever the issue was in last nights episode, I really am glad that The Only Way is Essex found it suit able to show a character undergoing Hypnotherapy as it really helps bring this wonderful approach to changing your life into the public eye, and if you would like to find out more about how we here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy can help you change areas in your life in only 2-3 sessions, you can email us here or call us on 01223 720 120.

I look forward to hearing form you soon.

Luke Clough

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