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  • Luke Clough

Getting results with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Only last week I received the following email, and it reiterated everything I love about working as a hypnotherapist in Cambridge, here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy.

“I have already used your services to stop smoking and I am so impressed with the results that I would like to use you again for weight loss. I would love to be able to eat until full, then stop and not eat again until I am truly hungry!!”

There are 2 points that this email highlights that I think are really important.

Firstly, it describes just how successful it can be using Hypnotherapy to stop smoking. Using NLP and hypnosis, we can start to reprogram what cigarettes mean to somebody so that when they are presented with the sight of a cigarette, or the smell of it, their mind processes the information in a completely different way which in turn leads to a reaction of simply not wanting to smoke. The client above is a typical example of a smoking cessation client of ours.

Secondly, it shows that although we only work with clients for 2-3 sessions regardless of how serious somebody’s issues can be from depression, alcohol dependency, phobias or anxieties, clients regularly come back to deal with other issues. They have seen that a problem they had for maybe 25 years (such as the client above) can be cleared out very quickly, so as soon as they identify another area of their life is not quite where they want it to be, they now know that they don’t need to suffer with it for years and years. They decide to contact us and clear the issue out before it becomes a bigger problem than it needs to be.

So whether you are looking to give up smoking, lose weight, let go of depression, become more confident or let go of a phobia, we can help you quicker than you could imagine. In only 2-3 weeks you can be free of that old problem and living the life that you know you deserve to live. To contact us, simply click here!

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