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Getting or improving your Relationship ~ with Cambridge Hypnotherapy in Cambridge

Help to make your relationship special

Putting up with a relationship that is not working is something that so many people put up with.

Why would you do that?

Well the reasons are many

Fear of telling that other person

Fear of being alone

I wouldn’t look right in other people’s eyes

For the sake of the children

And on and on and on and on…………………

The thing is we don’t have to put up with something that does not make us happy and that does not mean the relationship has to end either.

Simply to talking to the other party may get a better picture of how they feel. But… the most important thing is to find out what you want in and from this relationship and equally what do they want. You may be very surprised when you get to understand and see things from another perspective ~ THEIRS! And they to YOURS!

Some lucky people get to be able to do this themselves but not many as we get in the way with our stuff.

So where to? How?

Well that’s where we (Cambridge Hypnotherapy & our sister site  Improving your relationships) come into play. Whether singly or as couple we can assist you to understand the things that are important to you, your values) and the reasons you fail to achieve the things you want.

To discover the beliefs you may have that no longer support you and what you want.

To learn how to communicate with yourself and that special person in your life

Plus many other ways we have learnt and developed to help you and your partner to create the relationship of your dreams.


Now the above has only really been directed at couples but you can apply similar ways to help you to find the relationship of your dreams. To let go of any anxiety around approaching people, to be able to communicate and gain the rapport with people you find yourself attracted to. You too will have formed beliefs that keep you from being hurt (again) and whilst they have that positive intention they don’t feel good and in order to find the right person for you you have to trust and know it’s not hurt from what you think is being rejected it’s actually a piece of brilliance that allows you not to waste time on someone not right for you and spend it wisely finding the right person that would make you and them happy.

 So what should / can you do right now?

Make up your mind(s) to do something because anything is possible with the will, you don’t have to know how ~ That’s our job!

Then do one of two things

call us on 01223 720 120

or email us by clicking here

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