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Cambridge Hypnotherapy ~ Advice How to get real results

This is sort of a clients experience and it’s an experience that we here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy look out for and listen for.

It’s a time when we help our clients not to be clients until they are ready.

You see Hypnotherapy, especially the way we have developed it is extremely powerful at getting the results you want. And that’s the thing we listen for is it what you want and need. For many it’s just the right thing to change from what you’re feeling to how you want to feel in as little as 2-3 sessions with us.


And here is the but:

What if you don’t want to stop smoking but your partner wants you to stop?

What if you bite your nails and your family, not you, want you to stop it?

For some therapists you would be booked into a session with what measure of success? Well probably none and we’ll explain that later.

With us you come along to an initial consultation and we explain how we work and use this time to find out if it’s you who want to change. Because it’s so important to your success in changing if you want to stop and change ~ really important!

If we notice that you are here under someone else’s wishes we will not work with you, you don’t have a problem and you will waste your time and money and we will not let that happen. We will give you a complimentary hypnosis CD and when and if you change your mind and you want to change you then we will book you in to a session ~ only then though.

So you can rest assured when you do visit us we have only your best interests at heart and when you understand that you know you are in the right place at the right time with the right person that can help.

And when you do get the results you want we get to share in your pleasure of being the one who did it (with a little help from us)

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