• Luke Clough

Be disciplined with taking time off

“take the day off, it’ll be ok tomorrow”

What’s quoted above is the worst advice ever, in my opinion. We all go through hard times and have days when it seems like everything that could go wrong does. We’re tempted to jack it all in for the day and start over tomorrow. Not only that, we’re often even encouraged by friends and family to take some time out when things get hard.

Now I’m all for taking time off, and having downtime to recuperate, re-energise and refocus, but I want these days planned. I’ll book a day off next Wednesday for example. This might be to socialise, hit the gym,  partake in a hobby, or even just to do nothing. And that’s fine, in fact it’s great as I know that some mental and physical time out can do wonders for me.

Whats the worst that could happen?

However, taking a day off for the sake of it because things get a bit hard? Hell no! Why teach yourself that it’s ok to quit when the going gets tough? Your mind will look for a way out when things get shitty, and if you let it it will get you to run for the hills. Train your mind to conquer these emotions and you’ll feel like a warrior once you’ve done it. Puff your chest out, shoulders back and beat the daylights out of that weakness. At the end of it  you’ll have overcome something huge and that will give you a huge sense of achievement.

If you find that you are often looking for excuses to get out of doing the things you need to be doing, we can help! Contact us by clicking here and we’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.  We offer everyone a commentary initial consultation to show you just how easy it can  be.

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