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Addictions…… or more importantly, whats behind the addictions with Cambridge Hypnotherapy

Addictions can obviously be very damaging behaviours, that can affect peoples lives in a huge variety or areas, but sometimes its important to take a step back and look at the intention, maybe any ‘secondary gain’ that be evident, and also most importantly the real issues behind the addiction itself.

For example, we get lots of clients who come and see us reporting that they are addicted to alcohol, seeing as they drink a bottle of wine or 6 beers each night. However in reality, they don’t need a drink during the night, nor do they need it during the day, its only the ‘after work and before bed’ part of the day when they drink. They can also go on holiday and spend 2 weeks relaxing having the odd drink if they want it, and these are examples of something’s that could never happen if they were truly addicted to alcohol.

Then there are the clients who are apparently addicted to nicotine and smoking, but again if we break it down they can go through the night without needing a cigarette, and they can sometimes go all day without one if they are incredibly busy for example. Some clients can travel on round-the-world flights and not think about smoking, and women can become pregnant and stop instantly. These are again all examples of what could never happen if that client was truly addicted to nicotine.

Then there’s behavioural addictions, such as gambling, shopping, nail biting etc. However as these are a behaviour, there can be no physical addiction, so what are the real issues? In reality, the behaviour is simply that, a behaviour, and it is the intentions behind those behaviours that we should be spending our time looking into. For example, there is the drinker that is drinking as a way to relive the stress from their day to day working life, and the smoker that smokes in order to relive boredom and to basically have something to do.

I personally have had certain behavioural habits that some may class as an addiction, but I would never label them as such as I don’t believe that is being held accountable and taking responsibility. We work by getting clients to understand that for whatever reason, we are all in charge of each and every behaviour that we run, be it consciously or unconsciously, and by accepting this it means we can finally start to change our lives.

To find out how you can change now and let go of your addiction or behavioural habit in only 2-3 sessions, contact us here at Cambridge Hypnotherapy now.

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