*Please note some of our clients results vary from client to client

Cambridge Hypnotherapy have helped many clients stop smoking, lose weight, increase confidence, as well as all these other issues.

At Cambridge Hypnotherapy we can help you overcome:

      • Addictions*
      • Anorexia, Bulimia, IBS, Allergies*
      • Anxiety*
      • Asthma*
      • Childhood Trauma*
      • Chronic Fatigue (CFS)*
      • Chronic Pain Managment*
      • Dealing with Guilt*
      • Dentistry*
      • Depression*
      • Drinking problems*
      • Driving test nerves*
      • Fears and Phobias*
      • Fetishes*
      • Increase Self Esteem*
      • Infertility and pregnancy*
      • Insomnia*
      • Jealousy*
      • Life goals, Stress, Lack of confidence, Tension*
      • Limiting Beliefs “I am not good enough, not worthy” etc*
      • Migraines*
      • Nail biting, Thumb sucking, Bedwetting*
      • Nightmares*
      • Obsessions, Compulsions(OCD), Social Fears*
      • Overcome Grief*
      • Panic Attacks*
      • Paranoia*
      • Personal Assault*
      • Poor Self Image*
      • Post-Operative healing*
      • Pre-Operative worries*
      • Sexual Problems*
      • Shyness*
      • Skin Disorders*
      • Sleeping Disorders*
      • Social Phobia (social anxiety disorder)*
      • Stop Blushing*
      • Stop Smoking*
      • Stress in your life*
      • Stuttering/Stammering*
      • Sweating*
      • Tinnitus*
      • Uses of Hypnosis in Medicine and Psychology*
      • Weight loss/losing weight*

We can help you achieve your goals in only two or three sessions.

Complimentary Consultation.

Still not sure? Don’t let fear of the unknown stand in the way of your new personal freedom. Because we understand your hesitation, we offer a no-risk, complimentary consultation lasting for approximately 20 minutes. Experience having all your questions answered, without obligation, to make sure you’re totally comfortable with us before proceeding.┬áTo book your consultation now simply fill in the contact form on the right of this page.

To contact us directly, call us on 01223 720 120

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